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How Phone, TV, and Internet Bundles Work

People always say that life is simply a series of choices. And when it comes to getting your home connected, our Internet, TV, and phone bundles make the choice a simple, smart, and cost-saving one.

So the question then becomes: What bundle is best for me? Do you want dial-up or high-speed Internet? Basic or premium TV channels? Essential or enhanced home phone? No matter what you need, with the variety of bundling options we offer, you can get your home’s entertainment services setup and streaming in no time at all with our free online service. Just enter your address above and we'll set you up with the Best TV package.

And when you bundle together two or more home services with any one phone, TV, and Internet provider, our partner companies always offer reduced rates – so you can save big while enjoying more.

How to Find Phone, TV, and Internet Bundle Providers

We've partnered with numerous, reputable phone companies, TV companies, and Internet service providers – such as AT&T, Charter Spectrum, Cox, Hughes Net, Vivint, Vonage and XFinity – spread all across the country to bring you the best bundles available at the lowest price possible. But, know that while most bundles may be similar in price and features, it’s likely that not every company will provide service in every area.

So, simply enter your address in the box above to compare home services providers available in your area and to find, customize, and order the best bundle for you. From there, you can use our comparison tool to select several plans, study the details, and compare companies and their options for bundles versus purchasing TV, internet or phone separately. Just be sure to always keep in mind that providers offer bundles to save their customers money, so they want you to bundle your services so you can save as much as you can! 

Common Home Service Bundle Questions:

How much money can I save by bundling TV, internet and phone?

By bundling your TV, internet or home phone services together, you can save big on each service. Home service providers want you to get all of your services through them, so they are willing to offer package discounts if you bundle one or more services together with them. Savings vary based on which provider you go with, but if you plan on getting a combination of Internet, TV and phone you are almost guaranteed to save by bundling these services with one providers as opposed to getting these services from 2 or more different providers.

Can I get a TV and Internet bundle?

Don’t want a home phone? Don’t sweat it! Most providers offer “double play” packages that allow you to bundle any two services, so you can still save on TV and Internet without having to hook up a landline phone too.